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CelticCurls's blog / Redhead / Redhead Photo Contest - $250 Prize for your Fiery Follicles

Redhead Photo Contest - $250 Prize for your Fiery Follicles
29 March, 201029 March, 2010 1 comments Redhead Redhead

TMZ's website is boasting a $250 top prize as well as "some secret mystery gifts" for winners of a redhead photo contest.


TMZ's Ravishing Redhead Contest


Unfortunately the site is a little low on details.  It was posted last Wednesday, March 24, 2010 and I heard that they have contests like this weekly.  So when is the deadline?  Wednesday, March 31?  Friday?  Later?  We just don't know.


Also, in photography circles of late, there has been criticism of how many rights are handed over in photography contests.  Some photography sites track such contests and provide warnings for potential entrants.  The sparse rules, seem to be on the level, but I'm not an expert.  "You acknowledge you own all rights to the photograph and you hereby grant to TMZ the royalty-free and non-exclusive right to use your photograph(s) for any purpose and in any media, including without limitation, on the website and on the TMZ television program."  This isn't much different than what you agree to on Facebook, YouTube, or Redhead World; you keep all rights, but grant them rights to display winners in their media and shows, as well as promotions.  They also insist you and anyone in the photo has given consent for this usage.


To enter the contest, you just click on the graphic on TMZ's site and it will launch your local e-mail application.  You attach the photos and provide your name and phone number.  There seems to be no geographic limits either, but maybe that's covered under the TMZ website's terms?  It is rather surprising at the lack of legal wording.


So, are any of you redheads going to be entering the contest?



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  • CelticCurlsBy CelticCurls 2426 Days Ago
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    I really don't know, it might have been just U.S. but there was such a lack of information and specifics.
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