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Blog de CelticCurls / Redhead / Redhead Singer & Producer Make Redhead Music Video

Redhead Singer & Producer Make Redhead Music Video
14 Novembre, 200914 Novembre, 2009 0 commentaires Redhead Redhead

Jesse Sheehan of Wellington College in New Zealand won 1st place in the Smokefree Rockquest, a battle of the bands of sorts that has been going on for a number of years.  The musician with a head of poofy red hair sung and played acoustic guitar for three original songs that wowed the judges.


One of those songs is entitled, "Brothers and Sisters" ("Brothers"), and its music video will be one of redheads' new favorites.  The reason?  Director Ivan Barge and Jesse realized when working on the music video for the winning song that they both had red hair.  So why not make a music video with a bunch of redheads!  Laughing


3 News Campbell Live Article and Video Interview featuring the "Making Of" Video of the Redhead Music Video


By the looks of it, they gathered close to 20 redheads from social networking and people on the street to appear in the video.


Jesse's Webpages:


You can see a live performance of "Brothers and Sisters" here.  I'm eagerly awaiting the finished music video. Smile

Very cool.


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