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100 Members!
11-04-09 05:39

From both Wouter705 and CelticCurls, we'd like to thank all the wonderful comments and praise we've been getting!  Thanks you!   Cool

Just a few minutes ago, Tribalbreeze became our 100th member!  All in less than a week!


Thanks to all who helped so much in referring friends and other redheads to the site Laughing


We're hard at work polishing up some loose ends.  It's no easy task to setup a complete social network in one week.


So, since we have some news, we might as well tell you what we're working on.


New options under the profile "Language" entry will be added once we correct a bug with the CMS.  We'll be adding all main 6 insular Celtic languages, especially Irish.  We'll also add the common redhead Slavic languages of Czech and Slovak.


Wouter went to war on a battle between the TinyMCE editor and the backend's security filter to bring video embedding to the blogs.  You can use the "HTML" button to copy/paste Youtube embed code directly into your post, or use the filmstrip button for easier access.


Wouter will also be performing a mod to bring music players to user profiles very soon.


CelticCurls is taking care of some less glamorous things.  Advertising implementation, blog limits, and some other odds and ends.  He'll also be writing a tutorial/site primer article on all this site has to offer.  It can be a little overwhelming and the functionality is growing, so he'll include a few narrated videos to help you along as well.


We're going to open two major points of discussion up in the forums, so keep an eye out.  We'll let you know, and we don't want you to miss out on the discussion. Laughing




While the rest of the species is descended from apes, redheads are descended from cats.
Mark Twain